Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year Resolution: Shred the Weight

The New Year is going to be here this weekend. I've spent the last four months learning how to care for my beautiful baby girl. I thought that I was going to bounce back to my pre-preggers body, but I learned that when breastfeeding it wasn't in the best interest of my baby to drop the weight like celebrities do in six weeks. I read that it can negatively effect the infant when a woman does that. Okay! No problem. So as I approach the New Year and my baby is much stronger and getting ready for solids, I find that I might have listened to the advice a bit too well. I am so out of shape! Should I really be surprised?!

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I'll be blogging about the process at Modern Girl Style because I plan on getting amped up and back into shape. I will be realistic. I wasn't just a week ago. I went in for a massage and I was told I was crazy to launch into P90X. I ran the NYC marathon just a few years back. Who was I now in this new post-baby body? Only time will tell.

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Jillian Michaels and her K-Swiss

I'll be posting links to great workouts, products, and other bloggers that inspire my journey back to renewed health. Why wait for New Year's Day! The above video with Jillian Michaels looks on par with P90X. I will modify the workout for my body by doing less time. I'm also going to sign-up for the Self 2012 Challenge to track my progress online. I'm also a huge fan of Tone it Up. I hope that you join me in personally challenging yourself to break out the comfort zone and shake your booty!

I love these videos!!


hope in high heels said...

That Jillian Michels quote is SO true. Good luck with this, I look forward to reading about it and picking up a few tips!

Jenn Kirk said...

I'll be looking forward to your fitness posts because I'm in need of dropping baby weight too. I have to carry my baby a lot, so I actually found myself googling exercises that involved holding a baby. Tons of ideas out there!