Sunday, October 16, 2011

Watch & Make: How to Make Your Own Baby T-shirts

With a weekend of fun, I was able to make my own t-shirt for my baby {as modeled above!}. My mom made a doodle of a bird and hated it. I thought it would look great on a t-shirt and I had to literally grab her drawing out of the trash can! I had tried silkscreen one other time and I was convinced I could print this on a t-shirt. I made a video for my side project blog, Scribbles and Books, on creating a screenprint using drawing fluid. It's super simple to do. It just requires some time to allow for the screens to dry between steps.

After my screen was all dry, it was time to print. I set up a printing station on my kitchen table. Make sure when you print to a t-shirt that you place cardboard between the t-shirt. I used the cardboard from a diaper box. Get resourceful!! I placed an old towel under everything. I ironed the shirt before I printed and after the print was dry to set the ink. That's it! Easy and the sky is the limit! 

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Judy Havrilla @ cute&useful said...

Awesome chicken drawin'! Why did your Mom throw it in the trash? Her others must be fantastic!

Love the I'm a chick caption. Makes it.