Saturday, October 29, 2011

Coffee Talk Matters


When is the last time you took the time to enjoy a morning breakfast with someone you love, or simply a good cup of coffee? I was lucky enough to make pancakes {from scratch-no less} for my husband this morning and his co-worker, and it was lovely! Often times it's all work and less play.

such a crush on these two- just based on their general coolness. and their apartment. 

Can I dare you to take time this week to go slow? Slow down and really smell the coffee! Taste the ingredients of the food that your hands combine, cook, knead, or whatever your foodie process is!

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So go slow...enjoy life! It really does pass too fast!

Cuddle time.

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hope in high heels said...

Nowhere near often enough... so on Saturday morning my lovely husband and I had a slow brunch and two coffees, catching up on the week and eachother. Wish we could do it more often!

I just stumbled across your blog - love it : )