Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Design Drama: Home by Novogratz

{image via The Novogratz Blog}

The perfect summer escape doesn't have to include plane tickets or long road trips. It can be something as simple as flipping the AC on, dishing up some gelato, and setting your DVR to record every episode of Home by Novogratz on HGTV.  The Novogratz's, these brilliant overachievers with a design firm, a beautiful published design book, a TV show on Bravo, and seven children, reveal that nothing stops them from good design. Get inspired to learn more about design, time management, and dealing with all the insane problems that a design team has to tackle when dealing with clients.  Doesn't that sound like the perfect summer retreat? 

Designer Dailies: Robert and Cortney Novogratz
{Cortney Novogratz at the design table. Image via Design Milk}

The show premiered on July 16, but I promise there is only going to more white hot drama on the way! A design taste of things to come. 

{Modern Retro by Novogratz. Image via Casa Diseno}

{Image via Ashley Crenshaw}

The Entire Crew at  Home

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Twin Mommy said...

I love this family and I'm so glad they're back on TV! How amazing is their Great Barrington house?!