Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Turn it Around Tuesday: Chaos and the Artwork of Chrissie Macdonald

 {Artwork by Artist Chrissie Macdonald}

When thinks get out of control, it's time for 
My life has been cluttered with so many necessary things that my head has been spinning out of control. The last month and half has been insane. However, I think I might be getting back to my old swing of things! What has caused all of this ruckus?  Building a nursery. Moving my home office to our upstairs loft. In addition, my mother came to visit for two weeks and just returned home. What else could prevent me from finishing my novel and blogging?! Nothing, I swear, nothing else!

{Artwork by Artist Chrissie Macdonald}
I'm feel like I can get back to work on my novel and on blogging until the baby arrives at the end of August. My inspiration for today is the whimsical art of UK designer Chrissie Macdonald. I can connect to the energy and chaos of her art, which in all the chaos still has its own beautiful harmony. Macdonald works in paper sculptures most, but she is an artist that follows her inspiration to whatever art medium inspires her. Her is a look at a few more of her works. I do hope to update more often, fingers crossed!

Chrissie Macdonalds Paperworks
{image source}

{Artwork by Artist Chrissie Macdonald}
{Artwork by Artist Chrissie Macdonald}
Where are you in the crowd?
{Artwork by Artist Chrissie Macdonald}

How do you handle chaos in your life?

{Please post with a comment any tips or tricks on how to handle the craziness of life!}

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I love her "I am" prints. power and honest. thanks for sharing!