Friday, February 25, 2011

Shopping Around Town: Timing is Everything

On a recent trip to Toronto's Eton Fashion Centre, my mother, in town from California, and I fell in love with the tick-tock display at Artizia. The display was a mixture of vintage clocks and new clocks that look vintage. Who doesn't love that?

It's interesting that a majority of the shops found in most Canadian Shopping Malls are indeed American business. Over the last three years, there has been an explosion of American business in Toronto. The Canadian women absolutely love it because typically their love of American fashion meant trips to NYC or expensive payments on customs and duties if clothes were shipped to them north of the border. It's not to say that there aren't fantastic Canadian designers, but the saying goes, the grass always seems greener on the other side. My mother and I headed to the historic and legendary Canadian big box store called The Bay. We headed to the third floor as fast as we could. What we found was more international shopping. I loved the light fixture at Pink Tartan. It almost looks like an abstract line drawing.

My mother suggesting a skirt selection that both she and I both knew would make us both laugh! Of course, she has to act at first very serious when showing me the selection!

At the mini Ralph Lauren shop at The Bay, everything seemed as usual. RL is all about consistency.

I was much more fascinated by this poster:

Only because of this...

Because this sweet doggie looks so much like my own!

Valentino, my very own little angel, is a mix of Carrin Terrier and Chinese Crested! You might be able to see the differences, but then again I am just another infatuated dog owner. Back to shopping, I loved these quilted dressing room curtain at the Free People shop. As a native Cali girl, I couldn't leave without picking up a few tops-thanks to my mom! 

Oh, but perhaps the biggest thrill happened a few weeks ago when I bought an old red clock at thrift store. I bought the clock in its broken state at a whooping $25! A big purchase for something you're not sure will ever work. It also contrasts against the modern style of furnishing that my husband and I own. Why, oh, why did I buy that old vintage clock! It just stole my heart, that's why! As it turns out, my mother and I toted it down to The Clock Factory to have it repaired. Nothing beats the ambience of a clock shop. I was enthralled, just like a kid, watching the tick-tock of cuckoo clocks. I wished we had been there on the hour! 

The average price for these german made clocks were about $900. No joking matter!

The most fortunate surprise came when the woman who repairs clocks started to heatedly question me. Why did I buy it? How much? Once she was satisfied, she started laughing. My beautiful broken red clock bought for $25 was actually worth $3000! I forgot to take a picture of my clock before it was taken to the back of the shop, but it is a swiss made clock that dates back to the early 20th century. Timing is everything, but perhaps the more important lesson is to always follow your heart. 

PS: I'll post a picture of my heirloom quality clock once I have it returned from the shop!

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