Saturday, January 1, 2011

Soaring into 2011!

artwork via Steffan Johnson 
2010 was a year that swooped by fast. I can't believe in the last year that so much in my life has changed. I moved this blog to Blogger and back to Typepad. My husband and I bought a beautiful loft in Toronto. I had my first photography show in TO. I was in an opera at The Royal Canadian Opera that performs at the Four Season's Theatre. I started a series of acrylic painting of dogs that sell at The Modern Art Co. I wrote 5 new short stories and I'm finishing up my novel that I've been working on for the the last three years. OH MY GOODNESS! What a year it has been! 

It isn't till the end of a year that you begin to discover all of the blessing! I rescued a sweet dove named Moucha that has brought my husband and I tons of joy. I could keep listing the blessing, but what about all the awesome-ness that's been happening in your life? How was your year? Did you take time to reflect on the last year? Did you make new goals for 2011? Take 15 minutes and write a letter to yourself. It's the means of bringing more heart centered value to your life.
jewelry by BuenoStyle
Don't forget that 2011 is already off and soaring! Make everyday count! Discover the beauty, love, and joy in your life! Make this year your best!

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