Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Olia Designs. Jewelry Made With Love.

The Underground Cuff by Olia Designs

Wow, right?!  Isn't that cuff fantastically drop-dead gorgeous? Thank god I was introduced to Olia Designs and jewelry. Olia has been featured in a roll call of awesome magazines like Instyle, People, The Knot, Lucky, Rachel Ray, NY Post, Life and Style, and has snatched up by celebs like Jennifer Love Hewitt. Now you'll know I'm not crazy when I drool over these designs....everyone else is going crazy for her stuff too!

Geo Comb by Olia Design

"Olia's brand new Paleolithic Collection takes her distinct aesthetic to a whole new level with druzies, geodes and mixed metals in incredible neutral tones that when mixed together perfectly create a unique juxtaposition of edgy glamour and understated ease." I couldn't have said that better myself!
The Palaeolithic Cuff by Olia Designs
 The truth is that I grew in a family that loved to talk about geography, history, geology, and plants, but we did so by traveling and experiencing it first-hand. One summer we even went digging for dinosaur bones in Wyoming. I've collected gobs of rocks over the years. Its natural that my passion for rocks meant I had a naturally affection toward using stones that are uncommon in jewelry. 

In Blue earrings by Olia Designs

Olia is a NYC-based designer whose design inspirations flow from people, colors, nature, dreams and reality. 

Meet Olia!  She's living her dreams by following her passion. She's the ultimate Modern Girl with Style!

Her heart-felt designs are really felt from one piece to another. Heck, I totally love her designs and so can you with a special offer for Modern Girl Style readers!

Pedal Cuff by Olia Designs

For the month, October 20 to November 20, Modern Girl Style readers are getting 20% of any piece of jewelry in her collection. Buy up everything you can because these pieces are seriously timeless!

Make Love Charm Necklace by Olia Designs

To get that discount, just enter MODERNGIRL when the shopping cart prompts you. Now...where to start? What should I buy first? XOXO!! Happy Hunting at Olia Designs!

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