Thursday, October 14, 2010

Eat More Cake.

What's your idea of the perfect fall day? 

Shop View of Dufflet Pastries Toronto
I have an idea...take a walk through the neighborhood, or maybe a new neighborhood, and stop into that place you've meant to always to stop at....
Dufflet's Bakery Toronto, Queen West Location

Cupcakes, strong Earl Grey tea, and a view of city people walking's the perfect way to kick back on a fall day! Dufflet's pastries is a landmark in the Toronto area having been on the uber hip Queen Street West since the early eighties. I was introduced to Dufflet's via one of the opera singers at the Royal Canadian Opera last may and I didn't make it into this shop until yesterday. The texture of my vanilla cupcake icing was heavenly....

Want some inspiring ideas for new cupcakes or cakes? Download a copy of their menu from the Dufflet website

Oh my! That was cupcake went away too quick! No worries. A quick walk around the block and then I'll be back, maybe to only look again in the window

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