Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jump Start your Day with the Photography of Simon Upton

{image via Mad Tea Party}

Sometimes a girl has no clue how to start her day...and so she logs onto to the web and starts a mad chase until she discovers something that she loves. Yes, I am that girl and today I discovered the beautiful photography off Simon Upton. Actually, he has worked for so many of the best magazines that I'm certain I've seen his images before but never paid much attention to the photographer credit. So here is a fun collection of some beautiful interiors that may brighten your path today. Check out Simon's blog too for updates on his recent world travels, work, and more! 

The color palette, texture, and period pieces are a stunning mix in the photo above. There is so much going on in the room that it takes a moment to look and then smile with surprise. Who designed this room? I need that name! I want to see more!

{image via Apartment Therapy}

Zen modernism versus simplicity...what do you like?

{image via Hall Ready}

{image via Mad Tea Party}

Bright colors or White? Pick your eye candy!

New and Old, pops of color, painted wood and bone chandeliers...again the complication of style and taste is beautiful!

{image via Fabulous Finishes}

{image via Nest Egg)

Simon Upton is just as rocking at his portraits...He also shot the cover for Harper's Bazaar Maylasia Jan 2010 which showcases Milla Jovavich. Click here to check it out

{image via New Interiors Designs

Last but not least, just a beautiful rustic home office. This is a classic look that really jumped started the Pottery Barn mania, but it still looks so good...I think I'm ready to start my day!

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a blonde and a brunette said...

I love these rooms...especially the first three pics...they are perfection!