Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Meet the Artist: Painting the World with Lindsay Brackeen

Sometimes there are people that just inspire & Lindsay Brackeen is one of them! This gal not only juggles the responsibility of being a stay at home mom for a 2 and 4 year-old, she also manages to create art while they nap. Sounds like an impossible feat, right?


Lindsay makes the impossible happen and she's managed to create a completely successful online art business as a result.  With art starting as low as $20, there is no reason not to buy. She's got something for everyone! Visit her Etsy store!


Now if you're lucky you can immediately click to her website & enter an art giveaway that she's hosting at:  Painting My World. If you missed the contest, no problem! Her blog is a delightful daily read!


The Interview

Modern Girl Style caught up with this busy mother of two to find out how she does it all! After reading this interview, I think there's no reason a woman can't do it all!

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Moderngirllogomini 1. What inspires your sensibility as an artist?   

Much of my inspiration comes from my daughters.  It really opens ones eyes to watch children discovering the world around them for the first time.  In my latest series of paintings, I explored relationships between humans and animals.  Sometimes it seems that animals live a bit more gracefully on this planet than we do. Perhaps we could learn alot from them.

Moderngirllogomini 2. How long have you’ve been creating art? Did you receive formal training or are you self-taught? What was one important lesson that you’ve learned on your path to being a successful artist?

I began creating art as a child in grade school.  If you had asked me at 7 what I wanted to do, I would've told you I'd like to draw for Disney.  I started painting almost 4 years ago.  I'm completely self-taught, though I would love to take some courses in the future.  I guess the most important thing I've learned is to create what YOU like.  If you occupy yourself trying to please everybody, it'll never work.

Moderngirllogomini 3. How long does it take for you to complete a work of art? Do you get ideas like a light bulb flash or is your mind constantly working on new concepts?

I love to finish a piece in one sitting, which takes several hours.  I tend to stay more focused that way.  I find that if I get up, my mood may change and somehow it shows up in the painting. I would say my mind is always working on new ideas.


I find color, pattern, and nature most often spark ideas.

Moderngirllogomini 4. When I look at your work, I feel that there is a narrative within the painting. Is that intentional? Are these painting based on fairy tales or legends? How did you discover this body of work?

I guess I've always included a sense of whimsy into my art.  It's just more fun that way. I enjoy manipulating reality every now and then.

Moderngirllogomini 5. You’ve sold over 300 original paintings which is incredible! What impact has the internet had on how you sell art? What advice do you have for the new artist that wants to start selling her artwork?

Without the internet I would not have been able to come this far.   As a stay-at-home mom of a 2 and 4 yr. old, I am extremely busy.  I reserve their naptimes for creating, and then I tend to the business side of art after they go to bed.  Utilizing the internet allows my hours to be very flexible. 

Advice for the new artist:  Have confidence in yourself.  No one will believe in you until you believe in yourself.  Start an art blog, it will help you network with other artists.  Spend time marketing yourself, this is one thing I'm just now getting around to.  I doesn't matter how nice your work is, if no one sees it!

Dont Mind Me PRINT by Lindsay Brackeen

Moderngirllogomini BONUS QUESTION!!!If you could spend an hour talking with any person, living or dead, who would it be & what would you like to talk about?

I had to think about this one for a while.  I'm answering honestly, and maybe it's a bit heavy for this interview.  I think I'd like to talk to my Papa, as we called him.  He passed away 2 years ago.  He served in 2 wars and I moved away before we ever had the chance to have such a grown-up type conversation regarding the matter.  He was very much into politics and I'd like to hear what he has to say about the current state of the world. He was wise in his own right and I'm sure I could've learned alot from him.

Candlelight PRINT by Lindsay Brackeen

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