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THE HAIR COLOR MIX BOOK by Lorri Goddard-Clark


Lorri Goddard-Clark is the Modern Girl Style official Hair Color Goddess of Hollywood. But, if that leaves you less than excited because you're not living in Beverly HIlls where you can visit the salon she works at, or your not on the A-list, or your feeling a few bucks short of any visit to the salon-guess what? Life just got to the point of perfection! Ah, whatever could I mean? I mean Lorri is a brilliant modern girl that is releasing her first book on how a woman can create gorgeous hair color at home! I mean, Lorri has built a reputation on her beautiful hair color.  Her skills have been on the covers of Harper's Bazaar, W Magazine, Allure, and Vogue to just name a few. Why wouldn't you want hair like Reese Witherspoon, Drew Barrymore, Madonna, Heidi Klum to name a few? The Hair Color Mix Book is all about this:

For more than twenty years, Lorri Goddard–Clark has colored the hair
of people from all walks of life – including everyone from teachers and
homemakers to some of the most famous heads in Hollywood. But while
salon professionals like Lorri can achieve truly amazing looks, the
truth is that most women choose to color their hair at home. Now, for
the first time in this inspiring book, Lorri shares her secret recipes
for salon–worthy coloring and highlighting techniques.

The Hair
Color Mix Book shows how to combine tints found in readily available
home hair kits to create beautiful, vibrant custom shades such as:



  • Dark Chocolate with Deep Caramel Ribbons

  • Toasted Cinnamon with Buttered Lights

  • Spiced Persimmon

  • Gingered Toffee

  • Amber Honey Dream with Lemon Blossom Ribbons

    You'll also learn professional techniques such as threading, ribboning,
    and balayage that add a whole new level to your home colouring efforts,
    funky special effects like dip tipping and peek a boo punk, and insider
    secrets–from which new shades would be most successful with your
    existing hair colour, to how to make your gorgeous colour last, to how
    best to cover those stubborn greys ...

  • Moderngirllogomini 1. What got you inspired to work in the hair industry? Was there a
    specific a-ha moment when you said "Now that's something I want to do?"

    Yes. in my Inner Colorist article posted on gather[excerpt from my
    book] I share the whole story.In a nutshell I was working as a
    receptionist at my aunt's hair salon.I sat in on some of the color
    classes and decided I wanted to go to hair school.


    Moderngirllogomini 2. What was the leap like from attending beauty school to coloring
    celebrities hair? Did you have any idea that your career would be where
    it is today and what advice do you have for newbie's that want to make
    a breakthrough into film and commerical print?

    I believe if a person
    pursues their passion, try to expose themselves to creative inspiring
    situations AND work extremely hard, they will eventually find
    themselves on the road to success. I NEVER envisioned that my career
    would be where it is now. I went to work to do great hair. As for
    newbies: Be Unstoppable. Be the first to arrive and the last to leave
    your job and pay attention to details, LISTEN to your clients. It takes
    more than just a wish to achieve your dreams.


    Moderngirllogomini 3. Hair Color is your talent! What current trends in hair color have
    been inspiring you these days. Are there any shades of color you stay
    away from using? What tips to do you have for women that want to find
    that perfect shade of hair color?

    Nature is always my inspiration.
    Whether in the bold placement of color using subtle hues, or in bold
    color using subtle placement.I also take my cues from seasonal changes.
    At home colorists should do what enhances their sense of self. what
    makes them feel there best. I suggest on looking into there eye color
    and enhancing it!

    Moderngirllogomini 4. What has it been like coloring the hair of Madonna, Brad Pitt, Meg
    Ryan, Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and oh, the list of famous
    celebs goes on! How do you handle the stress of a photo shoot & the
    lives of your client?



    Well first of all, I am never at a photo shoot.
    As a colorist i am pre-shoot or pre-filming. I usually do the color at
    the salon,in the home or sometimes in the trailer on set. It is great
    working with the famous as well as the not famous. I enjoy people in
    general. I just focus on my job and do the best I can to achieve the
    end result. You have to get past the fame and focus on the person and
    your job.

    Moderngirllogomini 5. What led you to create
    a kitchen sink recipe book for fabulous hair? Most importantly, are you
    going to be giving away any more of your fabulous secrets in an
    upcoming book?

    Well... the book is
    available online and in stores October 9th,2007! I also wrote an article titled, Perfect Stranger, at that led me to write my book.  But, to cut
    to the chase, I just saw a need to create an easy to use tool for the
    at home colorist. I started off as an at home colorist,I could not
    afford to go to a salon. Besides I truly love to teach!

    Moderngirllogomini BONUS QUESTION!!! What has been your best memory of working the
    hair color industry?

    That is a tough one. The hair industry is so
    personal.I am so blessed to learn and have great conversation and
    experiences with so many of my clients. I think one of the best
    memories was flyng to Africa to work with Kim Basinger. Who is just a
    phenomenal human being.I got to do her hair in the trailer at dusk when
    all the animals come out [on the edge of a game reserve] where they were
    filming and we were listening to SADE and the animal sounds all around
    us. I also got to go on safari while I was there. Truly a once in a
    lifetime experience.





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