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Sunday, September 1, 2013

It has been lovely! 2005-2013

In a quest to follow new dreams, I find its time that I move on from Modern Girl Style. It's obvious that I haven't been posting and the time away has given me space to consider how I manage my time and what's important. I feel that I have reached the culmination of this blog. It's an exciting time!

I will update with links to my next blog and post photos of the second baby I'm about to have in a week. I love every single reader that has joined me on the last eight years of adventure. 

Thanks for your readership!

Modern Girl Style

1 comment:

Tristan B. said...

Congrats Kamela! You look so lovely in this pic and a week away?! Sending you and your family lot's of goodness, for a happy & healthy welcome to the world baby!